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OST to PST Converter Tool

Speed up the OST to PST conversion process with OST Extractor Pro!

OST to PST conversion is a usual requirement for the Outlook users. That is because of the peculiar nature of the OST files. These files often get corrupted or unreadable and the only way to recover them is to convert them into PST.

OST to PST Converter for Mac and Windows Operating System

Now, the notion of converting OST to PST might sound quite ordinary and easy in theory, it is rather nerve wrenching in reality. The truth is that the formats are so drastically contrasting to each other that a lot of technical operations go into play to make the conversions a success. Naturally, ordinary converter tools take enormous time to accomplish this which further leads to a lot of time loss for the users. In such a scenario, OST Extractor Pro serves as the brilliant option to convert OST to PST rapidly.

ost to pst converter

Easy, Fast and Accurate

OST Extractor Pro is a third party ost to pst converter  tool developed by USL Software and is extremely consummate in its work realization. The tool is known to provide for the conversions at supersonic speed without affecting the accuracy of the converted files. Moreover, it supports bulk conversions which is another add on to the time saving aspect. It would not be wrong to say that this tool is everything that a user desires and more.

Read on to know more about this brilliant tool and hassle free import OST to Outlook  for Mac and Windows.

Immensely simple to use OST to PST converter tool - OST Extractor Pro!

It is one thing to provide for the conversions and it is another to make it feasible for an average user to execute the same. OST to PST conversion is a complicated job which can be extremely baffling for someone who has no technical expertise in the area. It is thereby important that the converter tool be molded in a manner to make it comprehensible for the users.

USL Software has a fair understanding of its consumers and thereby it has put together extremely intelligible OST Extractor Pro. This tool is a simple and straightforward display of an extremely powerful tool. There are barely 4-5 steps that are to be followed by the users to get straight to the final results. And what supports this further is a highly intuitive interface. The users can also take help of the 24*7 customer service agents who are happy to help all their users unconditionally, as and when they desire.

How to use the OST to PST Converter

The steps that one can follow to convert OST to PST using this tool are:

  1. Upload the OST files onto the tool using the locate option. Multiple files can be uploaded in one go.
  2. View and finalize the uploaded content for conversion. One can deselect the folders if not desired for conversion.
  3. Choose the output as PST and pick up a viable location for saving the files after completion of OST to PST conversions.
  4. The process begins and the same can be watched over through the log report.

That is all! Experience this power and convert OST to PST like never before!